Behavioral Health & Human Development Center
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Summer Programs


Individual Tutoring

If your child has a noted weakness in reading, writing or math, or you would like to enrich these skills, we strongly recommend that you let us tutor your child throughout the summer to ensure that they expand their skill set and do not lose any academic ground. 

Assigned Summer Reading Assistance

Do you dread having to remind your child all summer long to read their assigned books only to find out the day before school starts that they haven’t read them? Our teachers will do read-along tutoring to help your child complete their assigned books and prepare them for their summer reading exam.

One-on-One Summer School

If your child has been told that they will require summer school, we can sign a letter of agreement with your school in which we will provide the required hours of tutoring for successful completion of the course requirements.

Cogmed Working Memory Training

Cogmed is a cutting edge computer-based intervention for children with working memory deficits  such as those seen in ADHD, Learning Disabilities, and Dyslexia. Cogmed  improves attention and working memory, reduces  impulsivity, and increases reading comprehension and math performance. 

Psycho-educational Evaluation

Summer is a perfect time to have your child evaluated. Identify your child’s academic strengths and weaknesses. Determine if your child has any special academic needs so that interventions can be applied at the onset of the next school year.

Other Services

We also offer individual counseling and have consultants in speech and occupational therapy on-site to meet your child’s emotional, language, and occupational therapy needs.

Behavioral Health & Human Development Center

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